Sunday, July 28, 2013

DPA in the Majority at Delta!

Best case... USAPA

Worst case...

USAPA left ALPA with the same goal of lowering dues and having the freedom to do what they want. They are still at 1.95% and have assessments of an extra $5 per month for FPL because of the lawsuits and other issues related to a merger and still using a contract from 2004.

The DPA Constitution says that "the dues rate shall be 1.75% upon initial certification" and that "Six (6) months prior to the amendable date of the Pilot Working agreement, or upon early opening of negotiations if greater than (6) months, prior to the amendable date, or upon notification of possible bankruptcy or merger initiated by the Company, the dues rate will temporarily increase by 0.5% until the new contract is ratified, or bankruptcy proceedings or merger integration is complete."

The soonest the DPA could be certified is a year from today, just in time for Section 6. Your dues rate will automatically go to 2.25% until Section 6 is complete. This assumes there will be no merger any time soon. If you follow the SSMP path laid out by APA and USAPA, you could potentially paying a 2.25% dues rate for years and years and years.

USAPA fired Seham, Seham, Meltz & Peterson after years of paying $250,000 per month in legal fees and getting nowhere as an independent union and still working under a 2004 contract. Why is that? Is it because they were successful at getting USAPA and APA out of ALPA?

USAPA left ALPA and kept the exact same organizational structure and committees. They just cut the cord to Herndon. The DPA is planning to start from scratch after "cleaning house." Do you really think that will be a seamless transition? The Dues Check-Off Form you physically signed when you were hired is between you and ALPA, not you and a successor. Where will the operating money come from on Donut Day Zero?

The DPA takes over the current contract. They've announced all future contracts will be limited to 200 pages. The current PWA is 467 pages lone. What are they going to remove or are they just going to use a smaller font?

It's time to check that anger at the door and start to look at how this is going to play out in the long run. If you could just build a union from scratch don't you think everyone would do it? It's time to start asking the DPA leadership the tough questions as they are starting to look like Occupy WallStreet. No leadership structure except for some angry former ALPA volunteers who didn't get their way and a mish-mash of demands does not a union make.