Thursday, August 25, 2011

DCA, PHX and Seham Ally To Topple USAPA Leadership

No comment needed:

Fellow Pilots,

The above headline may appear too fantastic to believe but it is in fact what is happening as you read this. It is very easy to understand why PHX, and the Company too for that matter, would like to see Cleary and Mowery unseated but because of this very fact it is beyond reason how any east representative can fail to recognize how such an act would play to our opponents’ greatest wishes. Seham’s motivation is age old and quite simple - money.

To understand how this came together some history is in order. Seham, from the onset, has been USAPA’s go-to legal counsel. For a variety of reasons USAPA, under the guidance of President Cleary and Vice President Mowery, has enlisted the help of {Firm} Odwyre. This firm has taken center stage in the status quo litigation that has just concluded. Seeing this has caused Seham to undoubtedly question his shelf life here and whether his firm’s coffers are going to suffer as a result.

That’s where the high drama enters the picture. USAPA Vice President Randy Mowery has been involved in a long term committed relationship with a former Seham employee. When this relationship began taking root, some eighteen months ago, Mowery, Cleary and this former employee took the matter to Seham and Scott Petersen (Seham partner) for their consideration, in the interest of transparency and due diligence to the union. Both Seham and Petersen unequivocally stated that there was no conflict of interest where this relationship was concerned and no issue on the matter was raised until recently - coincident with Odwyer’s rise to increasing influence.

Suddenly, Seham has changed his answer and now claims that a great impropriety has taken place which can not go unaddressed. First it is important to understand that this is the exact opposite of what he and Petersen told the parties and what they have endorsed for the last eighteen months. Second, it should be recognized that Seham’s claims are completely baseless, both under the law and as a matter of simple common sense. Finally, it is vital to understand that if Seham’s stated concerns were legitimate then he never would have expressly condoned the matter when it was initially brought to his attention let alone for the last eighteen months.

The math here is simple. Seham sees his business slipping away and has aligned himself with Cleary’s and Mowery’s political opposition in the slimiest form of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” politics. All of this is going to be revealed at the August 25 BPR meeting at USAPA headquarters in CLT. DCA and PHX are going to give Seham the venue he seeks to assure that his cash flow is not eroded by Odwyre and they in return will have the opportunity to aid the advancement of their chosen candidates into USAPA’s leadership - both efforts facilitated by trying to cripple Cleary and Mowrey.

All you have to know if you are trying to get to the bottom of which side to be on is that the Company and AOL are foaming at the mouth at the prospect of seeing the unseating of the leadership that is responsible for the unrelenting effort that is frustrating their attempts to profit at your expense.

Pick up your phones and call your reps. Get to CLT tomorrow August 25 and catch the Best Western Sterling van to USAPA HQ for the meeting. These malcontents need to hear loud and clear from you to knock it the hell off NOW! It may be the most important thing you ever do for your career.