Saturday, January 22, 2011

The AMFA/DPA Playbook

The AMFA Playbook

Delle-Femine stated that the members of the AMFA National Executive Council and the representatives of AMFA-MSP "were the only AMFA representatives authorized to implement AMFA policy during the Northwest organizing campaign." According to AMFA, no Northwest employee, other than those named above, served AMFA in a representative capacity during the Northwest organizing campaign or had any authority to originate campaign literature or policy.

During the campaign, the only two authorized sources of AMFA correspondence, campaign literature, and campaign policy were the AMFA national/regional officers and AMFA-MSP. According to Delle-Femine, all campaign literature and policy originating from AMFA-MSP was subject to the unanimous approval of the Committee's officers. AMFA-MSP coordinated the dissemination of its literature system-wide through the cooperation of volunteers at the various bases. Other AMFA organizing committees for the Northwest campaign were set up in Memphis, TN, and Atlanta, GA.

All of the AMFA national officers have organizing responsibilities. Delle-Femine stated that literature on individual carriers originates and is disseminated by the local AMFA committees.

Kevin McCormick is President of the McCormick Advisory Group, a management services company that provides administrative, managerial, and financial services to associations. He was appointed as the National Administrator for AMFA. McCormick had contact with AMFA-MSP. The McCormick Advisory Group collected the mail for AMFA on a daily basis. McCormick had contributed material or posted to the bulletin board at the AMFA-MSP web site.

The main activities of AMFA-MSP consisted of distributing literature. Meetings were held at a local restaurant and were very informal in the beginning. As the campaign advanced, office space was secured in Minneapolis, MN. Literature prepared by the Committee had a line at the bottom which stated "Produced and Distributed by the AMFA-MSP Organizing Committee." The literature also included the Committee's e-mail address and phone number.

Hmmmm. If you replace AFMA with DPA...and why the McCormick guy again?

The IAM asserts that Northwest assisted AMFA by allowing that organization access to company property and equipment and that AMFA supporters were allowed to campaign while on company time.

How about those line check pilots asking you to sign up?

In addition to the sanctioned campaign activity, AMFA representatives did campaign through literature which appeared in employee mailboxes, AMFA stickers and other campaign materials which were displayed on tool boxes and on lunchroom tables on the carrier's property, and in one-on-one discussions with employees.

Sound familiar....?