Monday, November 1, 2010

Who Will Help You After an Aircraft Accident or Incident?

You may think you will never be in an aircraft accident or need to use ALPA's services, but accidents, incidents, and other time-critical safety and security events do happen. As an ALPA member, you will benefit from a full-court press of trained pilot volunteers and professionals-generated on zero notice-coming to your rescue, fully briefed in every aspect of airline operations. They protect your reputation (and your family's), your job, and your livelihood and forge effective changes in the industry to improve your safety. ALPA has that. DPA can't match it.


An ALPA team with an arsenal of resources provides immediate and ongoing support for you in the event of an aircraft accident. From answering your initial call and navigating you through the complex investigation process to defending your actions with the company and government agencies and shielding you and your family from the news media, ALPA protects your reputation, your job, and your career while simultaneously improving your workplace by addressing the root causes of the accident in the overall aviation system.

ALPA-Provided Services

* ALPA's safety specialists and engineers cover every aspect of the accident investigation while supporting you and your pilot group through the entire process. This backing includes the 24-hour Accident Hotline; on-site accident assistance; conducting field- work, tests, and accident data analysis using sophisticated technical equipment; and building a persuasive argument to support your interests with the NTSB and the FAA.
* ALPA's communication and media specialists disseminate ALPA's advocacy for upgrades to the aviation system based on the accident's causal factors, improving your safety and security in the workplace. They also counter any misinformation that finds its way to the news media.
* ALPA's attorneys provide immediate and ongoing representation when your career and reputation are at stake. Their expertise and experience make them uniquely qualified to represent you when your certificate is on the line.